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Victory Garden: A Victorious Frozen Yogurt Twist

Salted Caramel and Pretzel Twist

It seems only appropriate after writing about my hot pollo alla diavola that I should now cool down your palate with a mouth-watering suggestion to try Victory Garden, a recently opened frozen yogurt shop that is churning out a new twist on an old favorite.  Everywhere you turn there is a frozen yogurt shop these days — ones where you can personally load up your bowl with as much yogurt and toppings as you want {and have no one to blame but yourself when it costs you $10}, chains that have developed a cult craving culture for a weird tartness that doesn’t at all remind me of dessert, and others that lure you in with the promise of being fat-free, while lining their walls with plexi-containers of sugary gummy candy. But that is neither here, nor there — the fact is, America loves FroYo.

While most ice cream or frozen yogurt shops start with cow’s milk to create their creamy confections, Victory Garden saw an opportunity to showcase a new kind of ‘scream, using fresh goat’s milk. The appeal? Goats eat a lot of greenery, which translates into a vitamin-rich milk. In addition to its health benefits, people with lactose intolerance have an easier time digesting goat milk than cow’s milk — victory for lactose intolerant lick-lovers!

But what really matters, is how it tastes. Victory Garden’s goat milk base is slightly tarter than what you would find from a traditional cone, but for someone who seeks savory sweets, that gets a big vote in my book. It’s still creamy and sweet, without being too much so. But the innovation does not stop there — inspired by traditional Middle Eastern dessert called dondurma, which often incorporates floral essences that are meant to please the palate and elevate one’s state of mind, Victory Garden’s flavors and toppings change with the seasons, and feature local favors that reflect the bounty of the earth. Hmmm, intriguing.

On tap: Victory Garden Herbal Blend, Orange Blossom Vanilla, Damascene Rose & Mastic, Lavender, Neroli Vanilla, Salted Caramel and Chocolate Rosemary to name a few. Unclear on which of these off-the-charts flavors would be the way to go for my first Victory Garden twist, I sampled the victory garden herbal blend — at first bite, you will know immediately that this no ordinary treat. It smelled and tasted like a beautiful little pot of bright, summery herbs. In the end I went with the salted caramel with a pretzel topping — yes I really do fall in the savory camp. It was light, crunchy, sweet & salty, delightfully refreshing and as promised, pleasing to the palate. Victory achieved.

The Skim: Can’t eat cow’s milk based ice cream?  Looking for inspired flavors to excite your regular frozen yogurt habit?  Victory Garden is your winning ticket back to the world of frozen treats and will not disappoint your search for a world beyond vanilla.

Map: 31 Carmine Street

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