Food: Love to Eat It, Prepare It and Share It.
There is nothing I love more than eating a standout meal at a restaurant, signing my check and promptly telling friends — YOU should EAT here NOW. In fact one of the reasons I started these cyber food musings was because of the requests for suggestions from friends for {the perfect cozy spot on the lower east side, good for a date, not too expensive, but a meal to remember, preferably Italian, but could be sushi, just not…} I consider it a challenge that I love to conquer — finding that perfect meal to suit said occasion. So here’s a quick list of my current 8 “Favor8” restaurants — I’ll continually update the list as new meals feel worthy of spreading the love and making my Favor8 list. Eat up!

8.ate@eight Favor8 Seal of Approval

See this? Any post that has the 8.ate@eight logo at the bottom of the review is currently or has been featured on 8.ate@eight’s Favor8 list.

8.ate@eight’s Favor8:


1. L’Artusi
Food Genre: Italian
Atmosphere: Modern Casual
Neighborhood: West Village
What I ♥: Everything. Food. Service. Atmosphere. Open Kitchen
Must Have: Wagyu Beef Crostini, Roasted Mushrooms, Olive Oil Cake
Review: The Art of Eating {and Drinking} Well @ L’Artusi


Food Genre: Japanese
Atmosphere: Modern Casual
Neighborhood: NoHo
What I ♥: Everything. Food. Service. Atmosphere. Doorbell. Seating. Toilet.
Must Have: Veggie boat, mushroom croquette, beef, sashimi…entire menu
Review: Maybe I will, maybe I won’t…

Roberta’s Communal Seating

3. Roberta’s
Food Genre: Pizza
Atmosphere: Low-key Casual
Neighborhood: Bushwick
What I ♥: Communal tables, hidden gem, creative kick-a** pizza, local brew
Must Have: Da Kine ‘za
Review: Rustic Space Features Really Good Wood-Burning Oven Pizza

Highlands Bar NYC

4. Highlands
Food Genre: Scottish
Atmosphere: Low-key Casual
Neighborhood: West Village
What I ♥: Top notch cocktails, friendly bartenders, great music, dinner at the bar or cozy dining room
Must Have: Lamb Sausage, Chicken
Review: Highlands Highlights: Scottish Plaids, Pub Fare and Hand Crafted Cocktails

Fette Sau Meat Wall

5. Fette Sau
Food Genre: BBQ
Atmosphere: Low-key Casual
Neighborhood: Williamsburg
What I ♥: Meat wall, craft cleaver beer pulls, BBQ by the lb, top quality small farm ingredients
Must Have: Pulled pork, smokey ribs
Review: 18 Favorite Meat Dishes for Men & Barbeque Heaven @Fette Sau

The Beagle Pours A Stiff Drink

6. The Beagle
Food Genre: American
Atmosphere: Cozy Casual
Neighborhood: East Village
What I ♥: Killer cocktails + innovative chow
Must Have: Roast Chicken, Any Pairing Board, Drinks!
Review: The Beagle: A Restaurant You Should Be Loyal To

Yam Samun Phrai

Pok Pok’s Yam Samun Phrai

7. Pok Pok NY
Food Genre: Real-Deal Thai

Atmosphere: Low-key Casual
Neighborhood: Red Hook, BK
What I ♥: Back Garden, Story-Menu, Wet Wipes
Must Have: Yam Samun Phrai, Sii Khrong Muu Yaang, Sai Ua Samun Phrai
Review: yes yes to Pok Pok


The Garage Door Style Entrance to Kinfolk, Temporary House of Frej

The Garage Door Style Entrance to Kinfolk, Temporary House of Frej

8. Frej
Food Genre: Scandinavian
Atmosphere: Garage-Hip
Neighborhood: Williamsburg
What I ♥: Kinfolk cocktails, ingredient-focused dishes
Must Have: $45 Prix fix
Review: Brooklyn’s Frey Should Be Your New Dining Kinfolk

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2 responses to “Favor8

  1. Matt

    Fette Sau is amazing, especially when they do the whole hog on Thursday. Get there early for some delicious cheek, it sells out fast. Ont thing though, Fette Sau is not even close to Bushwick. It’s not even in the disputed area that could go either way (like Roberta’s is). It’s between the Bedford and Lorimer stops on the L.

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