About 8.ate@eight

What Does 8.ate@eight Mean?

8 people (first come, first serve) come together to eat a 4-course meal that I prepare at my apartment @ 8pm. After dinner, we’ll show a movie that is paired with the meal. Weather permitting, this will all take place up on my outdoor terrace.

In between basting ideas for the next dinner party, I’ll share my general food musings from dining experiences and other discoveries I encounter along the way, including some of my favorite healthy and delicious recipes. I hope you enjoy and get inspired!

Who’s Coming To Dinner?

Anyone. First come, first serve. I’ll email out a dinner notice in advance, you respond and let me know how many people you are coming with. When we reach 8, the list is closed for that night. My hope is that the group will be mixed – some people you may know, some people you may not. But it’s my recipe for meeting new and interesting people and having a unique, memorable meal around a shared table. Please feel free to tell other friends and if you miss out on this month’s, with success, there will be more! Get involved — email me at 8ateATeight@gmail.com to get on the distribution list.

So What’s on the Agenda?

You arrive. You pour yourself a drink. You say Hi to the people you don’t know because Hi is only two letters long and that’s not very difficult. You pour yourself another drink. You say Hi to the person who just arrived late because they’ve never traveled above 14th street. Starter. Salad. Entrée. Dessert. Movie – all outside, overlooking a great view of the northern NY skyline where my rear window residents across the way will be looking back and no doubt be wondering how to get invited!

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