Nothing says Warm Weather Like a “Gut Biergarten”

Loreley Biergarten

Something goes off in my head when the weatherman says 70 and sunny. First thought: all is right in the world. Second thought: outdoor drinks. I find that I’m always trying to come up with good places to grab a beer under the summer blue skies. Loreley, on Rivington, is just the place to keep on that list. Good German beers, good german food {oxymoron?} and yes, an outdoor biergarten fully equipped with communal wood tables and Christmas lights to provide an atmosphere conducive to meeting new people {read: cute beer-drinking boys and a select few highly qualified beer-drinking girls} or gathering with a large group of friends. The menu boasts standard fare such as Bratwurst, Schnitzel and oven-fresh pretzels — all good compliments to a 1 Liter mass stein of your favorite draft {0.5 liters available for the dainty at heart}.

The Skim: Come out from the dark, brick-walled bars you’ve been hiding in all winter — air out your drinking shoes and head to Loreley for a fresh-air brew and brat. Ein bier bitte. {7 Rivington between Bowery and Chrystie}

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One response to “Nothing says Warm Weather Like a “Gut Biergarten”

  1. Kristin

    I haven’t been to this beer garden yet. We’ll have to go sometime soon!

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