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Behind Bohemian


I debated for a long time as to whether or not I was going to write about this NYC restaurant. Not because I don’t love it, but because I love it too much – I was hesitant to let anyone else in on the secret.  But after eating here three times in only a week {a first for me, EVER}, I decided it was only appropriate to share the love – my mother taught me never to be selfish after all.

This secret little gem is a place with no sign out front. A place with a long hallway that leads to a locked and unmarked front door. A place where you have to ring the doorbell to enter. And a place where you can only get a table if you call ahead, dialing an unpublished number that can only be acquired from someone who has been there before (ahem). This is my kind of place.

Sound pretentious? That’s the beauty of this little Japanese food find – it’s anything but. The lack of marketing and exposure is intentional to maintain a quiet environment filled with passionate regulars and excited pursuers of plated perfection. Once inside, you are greeted by its small and welcoming staff who guide you to one of six tables or one of six seats at the bar. The space feels more like a living room, with comfy couches and low cushioned armchairs surrounding knee-high tables that invite you to relax while enjoying each precisely prepared bite.  With white walls and an almost unnoticeable rock garden, it’s as if the intentional zen-like décor was designed to make the artistic dishes the only eye-catching visuals.

Japanese Cucumber Cocktail

The hand-crafted cocktails and meticulously grown and prepared food is the reason I’ve gone completely nuts for this place.  The first time I went I ate at the bar, which allowed me to watch in awe as Take, the resident bartender, hand carved a perfectly round ice cube from a block of ice, and sliced paper-thin Japanese cucumber circles into my precisely measured cocktail.

Seasonal Veggie "Fondue"

We were also wowed at first sight, when our meal started with a vibrant veggie boat of captivatingly crisp crudités served on ice with the most elegantly smooth, bowl-licking anchovy cheese “fondue”.  I could have stopped there an been ecstatic, but out came our sushi flown in from Tokyo’s Tsukiji market, with a clarity that let the candlelight shine through and a firmness in each pinkish bite unlike any I have had since I was actually in Tokyo. heaven.

Sushi Perfection

I could take you through every dish I ate each of the three times I paid a visit to Bohemian, but then this post would go on for days. I will say, if you can swing the premium prices for the washu-beef steak, that is definitely something you don’t want to miss. Since Bohemian is tucked behind the Japan Premium Beef market, you could consider this the specialty of the house,which you will quickly realize with each beautifully buttery bite.

The Skim: If you are seeking small and spectacular, find a way to get a seat at Bohemian. I am not above taking bribes or offers to be treated to dinner in exchange for a phone number, but I won’t post it here.

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Sensational Summer Sushi @ Geisha


You may think sushi is sushi — on just about every menu you’ll comfortably find the traditional california, spicy tuna or shrimp tempura roll. So what makes the sushi at Geisha so sensational? Firstly, the fish. Geisha uses premium quality fiddies, so the flavor of the fish alone speaks for itself. But combine that with highly innovative sushi Chef Pham who uses a combination of traditional and new sushi techniques, and you get rolls such as the White Tuna Crunch Roll — a mix of diced white tuna with a spicy sauce , asparagus, scallion and potato crunch {sort of like a matchstick fry}. He then wraps these ingredients in Hawaiian white tuna and avocado. Yum! Or try something from the non-sushi menu which was constructed as a collaboration between Executive Chef Michael Vernon and four-star chef Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin. The ‘Eggs Benedict’ with soft-poached quail egg, smoked tuna, urchin-truffle hollandaise, fresh black truffle sounds pretty darn good.

The Skim: I’d be happy with a good plate of sushi alone, but when you can settle into plush banquets, with cool backlight Japanese art dimly lighting the room and a garage-door sized open window on the second floor of the restaurant, Geisha makes sipping on saketini’s and savoring sushi on a lovely summer’s night, that much more enjoyable. {33 East 61 Street, btw Madison & Park}

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