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barmarche: Some Clever Crudites

Crispy Bass Taquitos with Apple Cider Slaw

I like when a restaurant departs from the expected bread basket and welcomes you with an atypical hunger diversion. barmarche, a cozy little candlelit cove on the corner of Spring and Elizabeth, does just that with their homemade hummus, carrot and celery sticks placed generously on your table with a bottle of NY’s finest before you even have a chance to glance at the menu. Pleasantly, I was not full before my meal arrived, so could thoroughly enjoy the delightfully fresh Lime Bass Taquitos with Apple Cider Slaw. Two thumbs up for the fish tacos. Other dishes worth trying: Truffle Shrimp Risotto, Bresoala & Arugula Salad and I’m told they do a mean burger.

The Skim: If you’re looking for a great date place or night out with a small group of friends, barmarche has a good vibe for a relaxed, intimate meal — velvet curtains, antiques gracing the walls, generous candlelight and a menu with latin flare. Eating with your hands can’t be bad on a date, right? {14 Spring Street @ Elizabeth}

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