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‘Tis the Season for a Truly Unique Gift: Adopt a Truffle Tree

Own Your Own Truffle Tree in France

A few years ago Santa was asking for my Christmas wish list. That year I was not feeling the need for anything in particular so told him to get creative. And creative he did. Upon Christmas morning I opened a truly unique gift — one that any food-loving Sally or Billy would jump for joy over. I was the proud owner of a newly adopted Truffle Tree in Gascony, France. So if you’re still scrambling to find that perfect gift for the gourmet who seems to have everything, look no further than the thrill of owning a Truffle Tree.

How it Works:
The adopter makes an initial payment reflecting a share of the cost of establishing the truffière, planting the tree and care for the first year. Then in subsequent years there is a minimal ‘care and maintenance’ charge to cover such items as irrigation, weed control, harrowing, pruning and ultimately harvesting. Click HERE to adopt.

Each adopter will receive a color photograph of their tree and an adoption certificate. Regular newsletters containing latest news of developments in the truffière and the world of truffles, will be posted on the website and e-mailed.

Adopters may choose between the evergreen Holm Oak, Quercus ilex, and the white, deciduous Downy Oak, Quercus pubescens. The adopted tree stands in a 20 sqm plot and each adopter will own all the truffles harvested in their area. You can elect to have your truffles mailed to you or to sell them and receive a check at the end of the season. If you want to spread your risk a little, you can choose to pool your truffles with others making the same election.

Over the last three seasons the wholesale price has hovered around €700 per kilo with retail prices in Paris, New York and London more than twice that — now that’s the gift that keeps on giving!

The Truffière also has a B&B so you can plan a trip over the years to visit the beloved tree and discover the wonders of Gascony, a region also known for its foie gras, wines and armagnac.

Here’s a look at my Truffle Tree from last year — let’s hope she starts producing some $1,500 per kilo truffles soon!

My Truffle Tree

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