recipe goodness :: spritzy sunday morning citrus cocktail

Spritzy Grapefruit Juice

Spritzy Grapefruit Juice

Let’s approach this a few different ways. 1) You want to jazz up your sparkling water or cut back on buying overpriced “grown-up” soda, 2) you wish you could enjoy a grapefruit without it taking longer to carve each segment than it does to actually eat the darn fruit or 3) you’re swearing off drinking on weekend mornings, but man you wish you could still savor the refreshing bubbly cocktail {this is for you preggo ladies}.

There’s really nothing to this — and quite honestly, it’s genius and refreshing. Looking for a non-alcoholic breakfast in bed treat to serve mom on mother’s day? You can thank my lazy morning for this citrus cocktail creation.

Spritzy Sunday Morning Citrus Cocktail

1 grapefruit {I prefer red or pink}
Sodastream water {or store-bought sparkling water}

  1.  Cut grapefruit in half and remove any seeds
  2. Squeeze directly into a wide-rimmed glass or into a bowl if that is easier. Allow the pieces of grapefruit to squeeze into the glass with the juice and help a few along with your finger or spoon if needed. Those little bits make this all the more enjoyable.
  3. Top with sparkling water and enjoy! Of course, those of you who just can’t manage a spritzy cocktail without the real bubbly can replace water with your favorite cava, prosecco or champagne.

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  1. ken

    Sounds good but I’m not sure Mom would like it. I would

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