Do This!: Molecular Gastronomy Kits to Channel Your Inner Top Chef


Super Sweet Foamy Molecular Gastronomy Goodness

Drop a little Chemistry 101 on your batterie de cuisine! Molecular Gastronomy Cuisine and Cocktail Mixology Starter Kits that contains everything you need and are priced at an exclusive 36% discount {you can personally thank me for that one} — space-age additives, specialized tools, tips & techniques and a get-schooled DVD — to take your cooking to a whole new dimension and impress your friends and family.

Instead of watching Top Chef laying down, start spherifying, gelifying and emulsifying your next get together.

I, for one, have always been intimated to try this at home. Where to begin? What do I need? HOW do I get all space-age-experimental without going to culinary school? Mojitos that explode in your mouth, chewy Cubra Libres, mint caviar beads or tzatziki spheres, pearls of infused vodka…Molecular gastronomy is about extending the frontiers of gustatory expectation. What are Eben Freeman, Audrey Saunders, Tony Conigliaro, Joe Choi and Jon Santer’s secrets? Well one of them, to be sure, is a set of space-age tools that enables them to bind the magic of science to their whimsical libations.  It’s like a play-doh factory kit for adults. ET foam home.


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