Testing Bon Appétit’s New HSN Cookware Line. Verdict: Trés Bon

HSN Bon Appetit Cookware Collection

I spent the afternoon at Bon Appétit’s test kitchen getting a sneak preview at their new line of branded cookware launching on HSN January 31st and sampling some culinary creations from Top Chef alum and collection spokesman, Ryan Scott and Bon Appétit Chef, Mary Nolan. The highlights: I’ll start with the deliciousness of the North Carolina-Style Pulled Pork prepared in their new 7-quart electric pressure cooker. While it’s important to share it made for a darn tasty lunch, you may care more about knowing that it was prepared in only 45 minutes — that is quite a feat when typical low and slow pulled pork is a daunting day-long project. Even more attractive than the short cooking time? The adorable citrus-inspired color selection that somehow makes a pressure cooker look fresh and cool.

Bon Appetit 12-inch Saute Pan with a Finger Ledge

Bon Appetit 12-inch Saute Pan with a Finger Ledge!

What also caught my eye was a basic tool everyone should have in their kitchen — the 12-inch saute pan. As I sidled up to Chef Ryan Scott, who was pan-searing some bursting brussels sprouts that would rival mine {recipe here}, I asked him what could possibly differentiate this pan from any other on the market {other than the deliciousness he was personally dishing out}.

He was quick with an answer that I could totally get behind {he’ll do great as the spokesman on HSN}. Each pan is a tri-ply of stainless steel/aluminum/stainless-steel — the aluminum core evenly distributes heat throughout the whole pan not just the base, while stainless steel makes for easy clean-up {now you’re speaking my language}. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seared brussels sprouts, inevitably creating a brown crust on the bottom that takes hours to soak and scrub off.

Ooooooh metallurgy — but way, there’s more! Ryan pointed out a little feature on the handle that I like to call the finger ledge {see photo above}. It seems so simple, but I can tell you not a single pan I own {prior to the loot I scored from the event} has this thoughtful feature. It’s a minor, but brilliant touch that makes carrying a hot, heavy pan with one hand actually feasible. The handle is also stainless steel, making it easy to go from stovetop to oven and out again without getting first-degree burns through your towel or pot-holder. Smart design.

Home-Tested, 8.ate@eight Approved

Home-Tested, 8.ate@eight Approved

So naturally after leaving the sneak peek event, I was inspired to dirty my new Bon Appétit pan and put it to the test. On the way home I picked up the makings for a bolognese sauce and sweated the veg for a good 20 minutes. That whole tri-ply bit lived up to expectations as the veggies happily tenderized evenly without browning or burning — and when it was time to transfer to a large stock pot, my new friend the finger ledge lent a comforting hand.

If you’ve read this far then you must be interested in learning more and getting your hands on some sweet new merch. Bon Appétit’s new culinary line launches on HSN, January 31, 2012 at midnight. Tune in to see Chef Ryan Scott explain the wonders of the new Bon Appétit culinary world and see the full line from super sonic immersion blenders to dishwasher-friendly griddles.

Bon Appétit!


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