Freshocracy {and yours truly} Featured on Good Food Jobs


 I met Taylor Cocalis and Dorothy Neagle, the Gastronomes behind GoodFoodJobs, at an event a few weeks ago. It was not long before we were chatting about food, blogs, and their brilliant gastro-job site that was designed to connect passionate foodies with job opportunities with farmers, food artisans, purveyors, retailers, etc. With everyday centered around bringing these two sides to every good food story together, they also started a blog to feature intresting stories of people who have pursued what they love and landed that ultimate good food job.  After a few glasses of bubbly {and I think a slice of pie from Martha Stewart’s pop-up shop} they suggested writing a profile on what led me to launch freshocracy with my two co-founders and how I came to find my Good Food Job. Here it is…

What attracted you to a good food job?

Good food has never been a job. For me, it is a stress reliever and a way to relax around a table with friends and family, share a meal, a few drinks and inevitably good conversation. I get a great deal of satisfaction from those moments. After working almost 10 years in a corporate non-food job, I started a food blog and private supper club called 8.ate@eight to inject a little more good food into my professional life. I quickly realized that I put more heart into that venture than anything I had done previously. With a new awareness of knowing what it means to do what you love, I found myself on a year-long “good food job” path, that eventually led to launching my new business freshocracy.

How did you get your current good food job?

freshocracy largely started because of my supper club. For the 8.ate@eight supper club dinners, I prepare 4-course meals for at least 8 people in a very small New York City kitchen. Undeterred by the lack of counter space and mini appliances, I realized the size of your kitchen is not a valid excuse for not cooking in New York. Our busy lives often demand we take shortcuts, which may mean ordering take-out, buying pre-cut vegetables or relying on packaged meals – often at the expense of flavor, quality and our health.

With my two freshocracy co-founders, we were inspired to make it easier for busy New Yorkers to put better meals on their table. With this shared mission, we launched freshocracy – a NYC local farm-to-table grocery and delivery service. Each week we plan amazing recipes for 3 dinners (entrées and sides) and source the best seasonal ingredients from the local greenmarket (you’ve never tasted a tomato, until you’ve had one from Kernan Farms). We also provide all the pre-measured pantry items and seasonings. In a nutshell (well, actually a recyclable bag), we deliver everything you need to make a fantastic meal, while eliminating the least fun things about cooking (planning, shopping, prepping). We’re committed to supporting local farms and local kitchens (our customers!), and making it fun to get a few pots and pans dirty along the way.


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  1. Ken

    Good job!!! You go girl!!!

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