Hot & Kickin’ Chicken McSpicy. Are You Lovin’ It?

Chicken McSpicy

Chicken McSpicy

A friend of mine is traveling throughout India, and although the Taj Mahal is on the agenda, the more interesting updates have come from his food excursions involving 15 cent street food, exotic fruit carts and my favorite, a stop at McDonalds. Below is a guest contribution pointing out some of the finer points of the multinational take on an American favorite.

Dear Chicken McSpicy,

You are tasty, but not as good as your Indian cousin, Paneer McSpicy. The chicken part of you is indeed apppropriately spicy and delicious, however your ‘cooling creamy sauce’ (per your packaging) is a bit of a letdown. I was expecting a raita-like substance, while you gave me mayo. I can get that on 42nd, between 7th and 8th.

Also on your packaging, what does “Love whole chicken thigh” mean? It could be read in numerous ways: 1) You love presenting a whole chicken thigh to me. 2) You would love to be able to present a whole chicken thigh to me but can’t, since you only cost $1.25. 3) The words ‘is a’ are missing and it should read “Love is a whole chicken thigh”, which still makes no sense.


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