Wheat Don’t Need You Delivers a Triple Thrill Gluten-Free Treat

Wheat Don't Need You Triple Thrill Gluten Free Goodness

A good friend was recently diagnosed with celiac disease, which means she has an allergy to gluten. No more pizza, no more pasta, no more double chocolate cake. Tragic! or so you would think. She has certainly had to make changes to her diet, but as the awareness of such allergies has increased, so has the store shelf space, introducing new products that cater to gluten-free diets.

So when I was approached by a cleverly named gluten free bakery,Wheat Don’t Need You, to try a new product called the Triple Thrill I requested a few treats to share and evaluate with the gluten-free expert. I was curious how it would meet her “I miss good dessert” standards and mine. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the package to find a bar cookie that I wanted to bite into immediately. Covered in creamy caramel, rich chocolate and pecans, the cookie is rolled in lightly toasted gluten-free oats. Apparently truly gluten-free oats are hard to come by due to cross-contamination from wheat, rye or barley at processing plants, so the addition of these certified oats received high praise at our gluten conscious table. But from someone who doesn’t have to be concerned with whether or not my food has gluten in it, I too enjoyed the Triple Thrill. I’m more of a savory person, so I loved the addition of the oats and pecans. And in my book anything with ooey gooey caramel is a winner. My only request, a few sprinkles of sea salt would have really put this bar over the top to counterbalance the sweetness and provide a quadruple thrill. Love to get a crunch of that unexpectedly delightful salt crystal on something sweet — but that’s just me. If you know someone who has a gluten allergy, give these treats a try and see if you can’t taste the difference. The Wheat Don’t Need You operation is small right now, but sometimes the best things come out of small kitchens.


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6 responses to “Wheat Don’t Need You Delivers a Triple Thrill Gluten-Free Treat

  1. SarahM

    I have tried the Triple Thrill by Wheat Don’t Need You and it is amazing! Wheat Don’t Need You has really found the secret to delicious, gluten free treats. Highly recommended!

  2. Perri

    Loveee the Triple Thrill, one of favorite treats!

  3. Christina

    Looks delicious! I will have to try it asap!

  4. Claudia

    Triple Thrill which is made by ” Wheat Don’t Need You” is simply delicious!! They are a richly wonderful desert that are also gluten free. What a great combination!!

  5. Sara

    One of the best gluten-free desserts I’ve tried! If you have a gluten allergy (or not), you will enjoy it!

  6. ChristineS

    These treats look and sound too delicious not to try and I don’t even have a problem with gluten!! These will still be something I try and then reccomend to my friends!!

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