8.ate@eight’s 100th Post

Whew! Has it really been 100 posts? That’s a whole lotta food and drink to digest. Check out the most popular posts of all time and a few that may have been written before you started reading…

Top 8 8.ate@eight Posts

recipe goodness :: how to cook the perfect sunnyside-up egg
Brooklyn Fare Fares Well, Earning 2 Michelin Stars
recipe goodness :: Alton Brown Does Bourbon in the Morning
Do This!: Vote for The Chocolate Gallery for Best Breakfast
recipe goodness :: savory cauliflower fried rice
Give Your Monday Morning Mug a Kick in the Pants With Kicking Horse Coffee
recipe goodness :: orzo summer salad
recipe goodness :: whole-grain mustard and rosemary pork chop

8 Posts You Should Read Again

Wintry Wine & Whiskey Warm-up @ Vintry
Bocca di Bacco: I say PotaTO, You say PoTATo
Barney Greengrass: Long Live the Sturgeon King
barmarche: Some Clever Crudites

5 & Dime: 10 oz. at Five Napkin Burger
Community Food & Juice: Fresh & Fantastic Fare
Two Thumbs {Bouley} Up{stairs}

Wilfie & Nell: Not Your Grandpa’s Watering Hole


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2 responses to “8.ate@eight’s 100th Post

  1. Emily

    Yay, so proud of you and love the blog! Keep the posts coming!!

  2. Cathy

    Congratulations : )
    I love your postings.
    They are wonderful.
    Can’t wait for the next 100.

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