NYC Best: Take the Dull Out Of Cooking {Knives} with Samurai Sharpening @ Chelsea Market

Samurai Sharpening at Chelsea Market

Knife sharpening is one of those things we should all do more often {tips to properly care for your knives below}. A good sharp knife is not only safer to use, but makes the labors of kitchen cutting far easier. We let it go because who really wants to carry around their kitchen knives in search of someone to eliminate all dullness and put our chopping skills back on track. And then comes the day when you just can’t stand it anymore — you could cut better with a butter knife.

Get Your Knives Sharpened!

If you’re in NYC, finding a good knife sharpener is not always easy. A Google search results in articles dating back seven years. Clearly this is not one of those things you can find at your local corner market. But the good news is a sweet sharpener called Margery Cohen, who runs Samurai Shapening, can service those knives easily while you take a stroll through Chelsea Market. She’s been camped outside Bowery Kitchen Supply for the past 13 years, every Wednesday and Saturday from 12pm-6pm, and has been sharpening knives for over 25 years after she got her start working at a fish market at the Jersey Shore in 1974. She is an artist by trade, but has honed these skills and our knives for the sheer joy of keeping our kitchens on point and chatting with the thousands of Chelsea Market patrons who have passed her sharpening block over the years.

Care Tips for Kitchen Knives:

  1. Use A Proper Cutting Board – Most importantly, boards and surfaces made of glass, ceramic, marble etc will damage the cutting edge in the first cut {that includes cutting on dishes!}. Wooden and plastic boards are better and have a much lower dulling effect. For the best result use very soft disposable paper or card cutting boards.
  2. Store Knives Well — Keep in a knife block or drawer covered in a sheath to prevent from damaging the edges.
  3. Hand Wash Knives — After each use clean your knives with a sponge and warm soapy water. DO NOT put in the dishwasher where they can knock against other utensils or plates and damage the thin blade.
  4. Keep Knives Dry — Knives such as carbon steal knives can rust very easily if left to dry in a drying rack. Be sure to towel dry immediately after washing and use.
  5. Steel Knives Regularly — A knife’s edge has a tendency to roll to either side and even though you can’t see it, the tip loses it’s point. Taking your knife across the a steel before or after each use, will keep the edge at a point and prevent it from getting flat and dull quicker.
  6. Sharpen Every 6-9 Months — Depending on frequency of use, chopping technique and care, your knives will need a little TLC every 6-9 months. Buy a sharpening stone or visit a professional knife sharpener, such as Samurai Sharpening, to hone the edges and your knife skills.

Go on, add a visit to Margery to your “To Do” list and get those knives back on point. Samurai Shapening is open every Wednesday and Saturday from 12pm-6pm at Chelsea Market {75 9th Avenue Between 15th & 16th Streets}

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A Sharp Knife is a Happy Knife

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  1. This past weekend, all my knives were sharped at this shop. It’s a great service in the middle of this foodie market.

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