Haiku Hint: Daisy Mae’s BBQ Beef Brisket

Daisy Mae's BBQ Beef Brisket

food haiku: daisy mae’s bbq beef brisket
contributor: sarah whiting

Beef Brisket sammy
So pretty and delicious
Now my tummy hurts

Thanks to a friend’s lovely looking lunch, I decided to send out a hint as to what the next supper club may entail {sans aching tummy}. I’ve had Daisy Mae’s BBQ and it is delicious, but probably not the ideal mid-day lunch when you’re a victim of confined corporate computing with no nearby nap nook. However, BBQ IS the perfect summer saturday spread and this just may be a hint of what’s to come at the next 8.ate@eight Supper Club dinner. I’m basting the details — stay tuned…

What did we eat at past 8.ate@eight dinners?
Who Cut the Cheese Didn’t Stink
Silencing of the Spring Lambs was Lambtastic

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One response to “Haiku Hint: Daisy Mae’s BBQ Beef Brisket

  1. Haley

    This looks delicious! Did you go there today? Can we try this place out when I get back in town? Yummy!

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