Introducing 8.ate@eight | a new private supper club & general food musings

First things first, I’m starting a supper club. Second things second, I’m blogging {!}. If either of those things excites you, well then that’s why we’re friends. Read on dear friend…

I needed a new adventure, so I’m launching 8.ate@eight. First and foremost this is a private supper club hosted once a month on my tranquil rooftop terrace. Overlooking the northern NY evening skyline, 8 people will come together for an evening of fresh hand-prepared seasonal food, cocktails and shared conversation. Following dinner, a movie will be projected under the stars and an evening of relaxation and a memorable, intimate social gathering will ensue.

Reservation policy is first come, first serve. When I reach 8 guests, the list is closed for the evening. Please feel free to invite a guest or share with friends. A mixed crowd is encouraged!

8.ate@eight #1: Silencing of the Spring Lambs
Saturday, May 22
nd, 2010, 8:00pm.
4-course menu and cocktails featuring {you guessed it} Spring Lamb

RSVP HERE!: {note: number attending in your email}
Request to be added to future invites:

Let's Eat!

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